• 【Rx】What gases are required to use the Tandem micro-Reactor?

    Helium is the standard carrier gas. Compressed air or nitrogen is used for cooling the furnace.

  • 【Rx】What optional gases can be introduced to the 2nd reactor which contains the catalyst bed?

    The reaction gas can be selected by switching the Reactor Controller valve from three gases connected to the controller. Common gases used are hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and Air, but others can also be used.

  • 【Rx】What are the temperature ranges of the micro-Reactors?

    Both reactors have the same operating temperature range: 40-800 °C. They are independently controlled.

  • 【Rx】What temperature profiles can be used for the 2nd reactor?

    There are three temperature modes: Isothermal, Linear and Stepwise heating profiles.

  • 【Rx】What are the required specifications for the control PC?

    A hard disk space of 20 MB is required. See this page for supported OS. Any PC used for GC or GC/MS control should be adequate. The Pyrolyzer requires a USB port for a communication interface.

  • 【Rx】Is the control software included with the micro-Reactor?

    Yes. The control software is included with the micro-Reactor.

  • 【Rx】What is the difference between Tandem micro-Reactor and Single micro-Reactor?

    A Tandem Micro-reactor consists of two reactors. The first is for the vaporization or pyrolysis of a liquid or solid sample; the second is where the catalyzed reformation occurs.
    A single micro-Reactor consists of one reactor which most often is used in support of catalytic reactions. It is noted that only gas or liquid samples can be analyzed using the single micro reactor.

  • 【Rx】How easily can a user remove a micro-Reactor from a GC and install it in another GC?

    This is a very simple process. When using the reactor on multiple GC mainframes, we recommend that mounting brackets be installed on each GC. This greatly simplifies the installation. Also, each GC must have a remote start cable and modifications to accommodate the various gases and their control.

  • 【Rx】How can a user pack the catalyst to a catalyst reaction tube?

    The catalyst reaction tube (4 mm o.d.; 3 mm i.d.) is packed with a catalyst. Small amounts of quartz wool are placed at the bottom and top of the catalyst bed in order to keep it in position and to prevent shifting when there is a sudden change in pressure.

  • 【Rx】Can a user upgrade the Single micro-Reactor to the Tandem micro-Reactor?

    No. There is no upgrade path