Operating environment of Frontier software

Series / ModelWindows 11Windows 10Windows 8.1Windows 8 / 7Windows VistaWindows XP
64 bit64 bit / 32 bit64 bit / 32 bit64 bit / 32 bit64 bit / 32 bit32 bit *3
3030 series Pyrolyzers: EGA/PY-3030D, PY-3030SSupportedSupportedSupportedCompatible△*4△*4
2020 series Pyrolyzers: PY-2020iD, PY-2020iSCompatible*1Compatible*1Compatible*1Compatible*1Compatible*1Compatible*1
Micro UV irradiators: UV-1045E, UV-1047XeSupportedSupportedSupportedCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
F-Search MPs 2.0SupportedSupportedSupportedNoNoNo
F-Search System Ver. 3.7SupportedSupportedSupportedNoNoNo
F-Search System Ver. 3.6SupportedSupportedSupportedCompatibleCompatibleNo
F-Search System Ver. 3.5SupportedSupportedSupportedCompatibleCompatibleCompatible
F-Search System Ver. 3.4 – 3.2Compatible*2Compatible*2Supported*2CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
F-Search System Ver. 3.1 / 3.0NoNoNo△*5△*5Compatible
F-Search System Ver. 2.xxNoNoNo△*5△*5Compatible
F-Search System Ver. 1.xxNoNoNo△*5△*5Compatible

※The operating environment for the pyrolyzer control software and F-Search engine software is described in the table below.
Supported: Fully supported
Compatible: Compatible but limited testing (not warranted)
△:Compatible but under certain conditions (not warranted)
No: Incompatible

*1:If you are using software version 3.00 or earlier, the screen may not be properly displayed.

*2:Requires fee-based search software upgrade. Please contact your local distributors for details about the upgrade.

*3:Contact us for 64 bit Windows XP.

*4:Software version 2.02 or later is not supported.

*5:Runs only on Windows 7 and 32 bit Vista (not warranted). Will not run on other systems.