Tell me, CHU-san

What kind of company is Frontier Labs like?

It is a small company but has a big dream. Now, with Chu-san, let's take a look at sites where Frontier Labs products are at work around the world.


What is a pyrolyzer?

It is a device that decomposes various things into small molecules at a very high temperature.

Various analytical instruments are used to monitor the environment in which we live and the quality and safety of products manufactured. The pyrolyzer developed by Frontier Lab is one of these analytical instruments.

Using a pyrolyzer, natural or synthetic resins (polymers) are heated at high temperatures such as 600 °C. The polymer is then broken down into small molecules. The molecules are analyzed with an analytical instrument called a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer for polymer compositions and additives.

In familiar examples, polymer products such as plastic bottles, rubbers, and nylon products are also analyzed to check for their quality and safety, such as whether or not they contain harmful chemical substances.

Frontier-lab’s pyrolyzers are used in famous museums!?

Pyrolyzers are used in museums around the world to preserve and restore historic artworks.

Art museums and natural history museums contain many paintings and crafts created decades and hundreds of years ago. Conservation and restoration are indispensable in order for future generations to inherit these priceless works of art.
Our Pyrolyzers are contributing to the preservation and restoration of such artwork.

In addition, new historical artifacts may be uncovered by analyzing artworks.
Recently, our Pyrolyzer was used to scientifically support that lacquer was imported from Thailand and Myanmar to Japan during the Edo period. This was highlighted in a recent TV program.

In Japan, Frontier Lab’s Pyrolyzers are used at the National Museum of Western Art, the National Museum of Ethnology, and the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties. In other countries, our Pyrolyzers are used in a number of museums such as the National Palace Museum, Louvre Museum, Hermitage Museum, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian Museum, J. P. Getty Museum.

Used by NASA!

Frontier Labs products are used by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

Our metal separation columns have been used for environmental monitoring in NASA's space shuttle.

In recent NASA projects, research on the origin of life on Mars is underway where Mars explorer Curiosity plans to sample and analyze rocks on Mars in the future. Our Pyrolyzers were used for preliminary experiments conducted on the earth before actual use on Mars

Actually, Pyrolyzers are close to us!

Our products are used to check the chemical safety of various things you use every day.

There are not many opportunities to see Pyrolyzers in everyday life, but they are used in the manufacturing process of products close to us, such as R&D and quality control in the automobile, consumer electronics, food and beverage industries, etc.

They are also used in universities, research institutes, forensics, and customs. As you can see, our Pyrolyzers, as quiet background support, contribute to society in a wide spectrum of areas.

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