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Corporate profile

Corporate profile

Corporate nameFrontier Laboratories Ltd.
FoundedAugust 12, 1991
Head office4-16-20 Saikon, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-8862
Phone: 024-935-5100 FAX: 024-935-5102
Capital20 million yen
Main businessResearch, development, manufacturing, and sales of analytical instruments
Main productsMultifunctional pyrolyzers, peripheral accessories and metal capillary columns
PresidentIchi Watanabe

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China, Germany, USA, Singapore, India

Employees56 (including part-time employees and 8 international employees as of February 2023)
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Principles of management

Practicing “WIN-WIN” Principle

Together, we learn, appreciate and respect each other, and lead a healthy life. By so doing we will accomplish higher goals and contribute to the general public.

  1. Our goal is to develop and manufacture creative and innovative products and to compete in the world of leading edge analytical chemistry.
  2. We will develop world No.1 products and gain proper profits.
  3. We will conduct global sales with our own brands.

Analytical Instruments

  • GC/MS:17

  • GC:15

  • Pyrolyzer:17


  • Japan:26

  • US:4