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Frontier Laboratories Awards

Frontier Lab awarded prizes to young scientists in their best contribution at the following conferences.

Michinoku Symposium on Analytical Science / Chemistry Seminar on Separation and Sensing Function 2022

Jul. 23, 2022, Sendai, Japan

“Investigation on separation method for pigment components in red coral skeleton”

by Ayaka Iwashita (Fukushima Univ. Graduate School of Symbiotic System Science and Technology)

“Design of Thiazole Orange Base Surrogate- carrying PNA conjugate with Small Molecule for Strong Binding towards the Promoter Region of Influenza A Virus (IAV) RNA”

by Chioma Uche Okeke (Tohoku Univ. Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science)

“Observation of cellular transduction of near-infrared-absorbing diradical platinum complexes using spectroscopic imaging.”

by Ryota Sawamura (Tohoku Univ. Graduate School of Environmental Studies)

23rd International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

May 15 - 20, 2022, Ghent Belgium

“Development and comparison of various methods for quantification of saccharides in pyrolysis bio-oils”

by Lukas Kelja (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague)

“Aerospace technology as part of our heritage: Characterization of aircraft materials and study of their degradation processes by analytical pyrolysis”

by Jacopo La Nasa (University of Pisa)

“Prediction accuracy in modelling beech wood pyrolysis at different temperatures using a comprehensive, CFD-based single particle pyrolysis model”

by Przemyslaw Maziarka (Ghent University)

“Analytical pyrolysis to study the synergistic effects of the co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic”

by Federica Nardella (Universitiy of Pisa)

The 18th Academic Conference on Analytic and Applied Pyrolysis of China

Aug. 17 - 18, 2019, Zhengzhou, China

“Identification of Natural Organic Polymer Materials Used in Cultural Relics by Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry”
by Wang Na (The Palace Museum)
“文物中天然有机高分子材料的热裂解-气相色谱/质谱分析” 王娜(故宫博物院)

“Comparison study of the materials and lacquering techniques of the lacquer objects in Warring States Period”
by Fu Yingchun (University of Science and Technology Beijing)
“应用THM-PY-GC/MS 技术对湖北九连墩楚墓出土漆器的制作材料和工艺的科学研究” 付迎春(北京科技大学)

“Investigation on the pyrolysis mechanism of typical cycloalkanes” by Wang Zhandong (University of Science and Technology of China)
“典型环烷烃燃料的热解机理研究” 王占东(中国科学技术大学)

“Experiment and kinetic modelling of n-decane pyrolysis at high pressure”
by Wang Hongyan (Tianjin University)
“正癸烷高压热解实验及模型动力学研究” 王鸿燕(天津大学)

“Investigation on Structure Evolution and Gasification Behavior of Co-pyrolysis Char from Urban Roadside Tree Waste and Coal”
by Meng Haiyu (Xi’an University of Technology)
“城市行道树废弃物与煤共热解焦理化结构演变及气化特性研究” 孟海鱼(西安理工大学)

“生物质与低阶煤共热解自由基行为及动力学特性” 吴志强(西安交通大学)

“基于烟草热分析图谱的卷烟叶组配方数字化技术研究” 李巧灵(福建中烟工业有限责任公司)

“Study on the distribution of pyrazines and pyridines in the smoke aerosol of heat-not-burn cigarette”
by Si Xiaoxi (China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd.,)
“加热不燃烧卷烟烟气中吡嗪和吡啶类物质的分布研究” 司晓喜(云南中烟工业有限责任公司)

Michinoku Analytical Science Symposium 2019

Jul. 20, 2019, Sendai, Japan

“Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of anisotropic gold nanoparticles at room temperature with mixed reducing agent”
by Y. Kuwatani et al. (Fukushima Univ.)

“Photothermal effect of albumin-solubilized hydrophobic near-infrared-absorbing diradical platinum complex and investigation of
cancer cell killing effect using it” by R. Sawamura (Tohoku Univ. Environment Studies)

“Study on acquisition mechanism of protease resistance of amyloid β”
by M. Kato (Tohoku Univ. Pharmaceutical Sciences)

22nd International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

Jun. 3 – 8, 2018, Kyoto, Japan

“Carbon nano-materials formed from waste tyre pyrolysis oil model compounds”
by Yeshui Zhang (University College London)

“Characterization of pyrolysis products and catalyst coke obtained from metal-doped zeolitic catalysts: A comparative study
of catalyst activity and deactivation” by Henry Persson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)

“Qualitative analysis of acid anhydride copolymer by pyrolysis GC/MS combined with imide derivatization”
by Kei Ishitsuka (Asahi Glass Co. Ltd.)

“Application of nitrogen-based blowing agents as an additive in experimental fast pyrolysis of cellulose”
by Evan Terrell (Washington State University)

“Carbon nanotubes produced from thermo-chemical conversion of waste plastics using Ni-based spheric catalysts”
by Xiaotong Liu (University of Hull)

“Catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass over titanium dioxide studied by tandem micro reactor-GC/MS”
by Hiroto Ida (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

The 17th Academic Conference on Analytic and Applied Pyrolysis of China

May 25 - 26, 2017, Tianjin, China

First Prize
“A Study on the Quality Control of the Chinese Medicine in the Middle and North of China” by Huang Lilei (Zhejiang University of Technology)

Second Prize

“High-pressure Thermal Decomposition of Binary High-density Hydrocarbon Fuels of Tetrahydrotricyclopentadiene (THTCPD) /JP-10 in Tubular Flowing Reactor” by Jia Xueke and Wang Hongyan (Tianjin University)

“The Application of Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry in the Analysis of the Cementing Material of Borehole in Donghua Gate, Donghua City, the Forbidden City” by Wang Na (The Palace Museum)

Third Prize

“The Distribution of High Fatty Acid on the Natural Rubber in Different Producing Areas and the Dynamic Mechanical Properties Effect on the Natural Rubber” by Xu Tiwen (South China University of Technology)

“Establishment and Analysis of the Combustion Characteristic Temperature Detection Method of Carbon Heating Type Cigarette Heating System” by Cai Jiaxiao (Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute)

“Preparation of the Nano-Chip ZSM-5 Molecular Sieve and its Catalytic Pyrolysis Study on JP-10” by Tian Yajie (Tianjin University)

21st International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

May 9 – 12, 2016, Nancy, France

“Soil organic matter alternations resulting from post-fire restoration actions”
by Nicasio T. Jimenez-Morillo (IRNAS-CSIC, Spain)

“Chemical analysis of UV irradiated B-72 by Py-GC/MS and EGA-MS”
by Shun Okamoto (Meiji University, Japan)

“Catalytic conversion of pyrolytic vapors of woody biomass”
by Alexandre Margeriat (Universite Lyon, France)

“Modified pyroprobe for studying thermochemical reactions: design, characterization, and experimentation”
by Brennan Pecha (Washington State University, USA)


Nov 2 – 5, 2015, Chicago, USA

“Incorporation of Detailed Phase Behavior and Secondary Reactions in Mechanistic Model of Fast Pyrolysis of Neat Cellulose”
by Lauren Dellon (Northwestern University, USA)

“Investigation of authothermal operation of a fluidized bed pyrolyzer”
by Joe Polin (Iowa State University, USA)

“Entrained-Flow Co-Gasification of Black Liquor and Pyrolysis Oil- Concept Verification and Assessment of Gasifier Performance”
by Yawer Jafri (Lulea University of Technology, Sweden)

16th Symposium on CHINA Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

Sep 24 – 26, 2015, Beijing, China

Gold Prize
“Volatiles changes during thermo-oxidative aging of NBR by PGC-MS” by Xuan Liu (Tsinghua University, China)

Silver Prize

“Determination of lignans in traditional Chinese medicine Schisandra sphenantherae fruits by flash evaporation-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry” by Yilei Huang (Zhejiang University of Technology, China)

Bronze Prize

“Experimental and modeling study of furan pyrolysis at low pressure” by Zhanjun Cheng (Tianjin University, China)

20th International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

May 19 – 23, 2014, Birmingham, UK

“Hydrogen production from biomass/plastic mixture using novel bi-functional Ni-Mg-Al-Ca catalyst for gasification and in-situ CO2 adsorption” by Shogo Kumagai (Tohoku University, Japan)

“Direct determination of polyhydroxyalkanoates in bacterial samples by analytical pyrolysis GC-MS” by Cristian Torri (University of Bologna, Italy)

“Ancient lacquered culture and history — Applied analysis of Japanese Jomon period lacquered wares based on pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratio” by Rong Lu (Meiji University, Japan)

“Auto-thermal and mobile pyrolysis reactor for vineyard residues with low pre-treatment” by Guillermo Rosas Mayoral (University of León, Spain)