• 【Con】For sake of cost saving, I would like to reuse the sample cup. Can RoHS Cup LN be reused?

    RoHS Cup LN is single-use disposable. If you would like to reuse the sample cup, we recommend the use of Eco Cup LF whose surface has been highly deactivated. Some examples of cleaning methods of Eco Cup LF are shown. (Note: all the work below should be done in a hood and be careful not to burn yourself.)

    1. Removal of large residues: Physically scrape off the solids remaining in the Eco-Cup with a soft rod such as a cotton swab.

    2. Removal of residual polymer: Clean the polymer, which is not decomposed during the thermal desorption and remained in the Eco-Cup, with a suitable solvent that dissolves it.

    3. Removal of residual organics: Heat the cup with a small torch flame to glow red for 2 – 3 seconds to remove residual organics (the inertness may decrease if the red heat time is too long). If a large number of Eco-Cups need to be cleaned, heating at 500 ºC for 5 – 8 hours in a muffle furnace under air atmosphere is a convenient way.

    Note: Depending on the sample, inorganics or burnt residues (char) of polymer may remain in the Eco-Cup. In this case, remove them with a cotton swab and the like, then clean with a volatile solvent such as acetone. If the residues still persist, use a new Eco Cup.

  • Where can I find a list of Frontier distributors?

    Frontier Lab’s products are marketed worldwide through manufacturers of GC and GC/MS systems and their distributors (see the list of distributors on the Frontier website). Alternatively, contact Frontier Laboratories Ltd. directly.

  • Can I purchase products at your oversea offices? What about after sale support?

    There are many distributors (see the list of distributors on the web page). These distributors provide product support and service using local technicians who have been trained at Frontier Labs. In countries and areas where there is no distributor, please contact us.

  • Where can I purchase consumable parts and supplies for the Pyrolyzer?

    Check with your local distributor.

  • Can you analyze our samples before we make a purchase decision?

    For evaluation purposes only, we will accept analysis requests at no charge. Also, check with our local distributors to see if they are able to accept and process these requests.

  • Where can I see the product?

    Check with your local distributor. If you would like to come to our facility in Koriyama, to actually see the product, contact us directly.

  • Do you demo equipment on-site?

    We only demo equipment at our laboratory in Koriyama. Contact your Frontier distributor and ask what their policy is regarding on-site demos.

  • I would like to request a quote for the product.

    We market our products through a number of distributors. Contact the manufacturer or distributor of the GC or GC/MS to be used with the pyrolyzer or go to our web site for a complete list of our distributors.

  • Describe how you support your products.

    We only offer service at our facility in Koriyama, If you are interested in our annual maintenance plan, contact your local dealer.
    Frontier Laboratories Ltd. or our distributors provide after sales support and services.