• 【PY】How often should I clean the quartz pyrolysis tube?

    Contamination of the pyrolysis tube is linked to the type and amount of sample being analyzed as well as the number of injections.. When ghost peaks are observed in the chromatograms or pyrograms, or the peak response is low due to adsorption on the tube surface, the quartz pyrolysis tube and/or interface needle must be cleaned or replaced.

  • 【PY】Can I use MS as a detector in evolved gas analysis with air as a carrier gas?

    MS can be used as a detector when air is used as the carrier gas, but note the followings:

    1. GC oven temperature should be 200 ºC or below. If it is higher, the inertness of EGA capillary tube (P/N: UADTM-2.5N) can be damaged.

    2. This may cause some damage to the MS filament and shorten the life. The degree of damage depends on the filament thickness and oxidation resistance. Please check with the manufacturer of the MS. Use of quasi-air that is helium mixed with several percent of oxygen can extend the filament life.

    3. FID detector poses no problems.

    4. Customer takes all responsibilities to any damage caused by this.

  • 【PY】When pyrolyzer is not used, should the carrier gas remain on?

    There is no need to keep the carrier gas flow on.

  • 【PY】If the pyrolyzer is not going to be used for a long time, does the furnace temperature need to be lowered?

    We recommend that the furnace temperature be maintained at 200 °C when not in use. This prevents the seals from contracting or expanding with changes in the working environment. This helps to maintain seal integrity.

  • 【PY】Can I easily remove the pyrolyzer from a GC and install it on another GC?

    This will be a very simple process. When moving the pyrolyzer to a different GC, we recommend that mounting brackets be installed on each GC in order to facilitate easy installation of the pyrolyzer.

  • 【PY】Can a liquid sample be analyzed while pyrolyzer is installed on GC?

    When analyzing a liquid sample, you can use a liquid sampler which is provided as a standard accessory. Inject sample using a normal micro syringe. The furnace of the pyrolyzer serves as injection port; therefore; set the furnace temperature 50 °C higher than the GC injector. Better reproducibility will be obtained than is normally obtained by direct injections to the GC injector.

  • 【PY】How do I remove the quartz pyrolysis tube?

    Remove the pyrolyzer from the GC injection port, and loosen the sampler base nuts at the top of the pyrolyzer. Then loosen the interface union located at the bottom of the pyrolyzer. Now the quartz tube can easily be pulled out. See Operation Manual for details.

  • 【PY】Does the pyrolyzer come with a control PC?

    No. The pyrolyzer control software is downloaded to the PC used to control the GC or GC/MS.

  • 【PY】What are the required specifications for the control PC?

    A hard disk space of 10 MB is required. See this page for supported OS. Any PC used for GC or GC/MS control should be adequate. The Pyrolyzer requires a USB port for their communication interface.

  • 【PY】Is control software included with the pyrolyzer?

    Yes. The control software comes standard with the pyrolyzer.