• 【PY】Does the pyrolyzer control software depend on the control software for the GC/MS?

    The control software for Pyrolyzer is independent from that for GC/MS. However, “READY” and “START” signals from GC or GC/MS are shared with the pyrolyzer control software.

  • 【PY】What is the difference between Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer and Double-Shot Pyrolyzer (old model)?

    The major difference is the method used to heat the furnace. The Double-Shot pyrolyzer uses a cartridge heater (max temp. 800 ºC) while the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer uses a smaller ceramic heater (max temp. 1050 ºC). Using the ceramic heater reduces the cycle time of the furnace. It heats faster and it cools faster that an old style cartridge heater/metal block. The rate is three-times faster than that of the old style. See EGA/PY-3030D catalog for details.

  • 【PY】Can I upgrade my Single-Shot Pyrolyzer (PY-3030S) to Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D)?

    Upgrading to a Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer is not possible.

  • 【PY】The sampler (Double-Shot or Single-Shot) will no longer hold the sample cup stick. Can it be fixed?

    This is caused by wear of the chuck that holds the sample cup stick. It needs to be sent to us for repair, or you can purchase the chuck from us and fix it by yourself. Call your local dealer or contact us directly.

  • 【PY】Double-Shot sampler does not slide well. Would cleaning help?

    The double shot sampler must be disassembled and a special lubricant must be applied on the sliding surface; therefore, it must be sent to us for repair. Check with your local dealer or contact us directly.

  • 【PY】Is regular inspection of the Pyrolyzer needed?

    Yes. Please consult the Pyrolyzer Operation Manual to see what regular maintenance is recommended. This is a good time to perform regular maintenance of your GC (injection port liner, seals, septum, etc.) for the best performance of the system.

  • 【PY】Are yearly maintenance contracts available?

    Yes. Call your local distributor (see listing on our website) or contact us using the website.

  • 【PY】We would like to conduct evolved gas analysis (EGA). What other accessories do we need in addition to Pyrolyzer?

    None. The Double-Shot Pyrolyzer or Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer is all that is needed to perform EGA.

  • 【Rx】What types of feedstocks or samples can be introduced into the Tandem micro-Reactor?

    Solid, liquids or gases can be introduced.

  • 【Rx】What GC/MS is required to use the Tandem micro-Reactor?

    A single quadrupole GC/MS is the most common. A mass spectrometer with a Turbo pump is recommended. A Split/Splitless inlet is required. (See compatibility chart for supported GC’s.)