F-Search System Ver. 3.7


Mass spectrum search software for rapid identification of polymers and additives.

The F-Search system is an excellent tool for the pyrolysis scientist. It is mass spectral search software that identifies polymers and additives based on EGA thermograms and pyrograms obtained using a pyrolysis GC/MS system. The system consists of search software and four libraries. F-Search improves the reliability of analysis results by comparing data from different analysis methods. In addition, its patented search algorithm allows for reliable results even with data obtained by different analysis conditions.

The previous model (Ver.3.6) continues to be sold until March 31, 2023.

  • Features

  • Specifications

1. Search software and four libraries:
The F-Search system consists of search software and four unique libraries that allows users to select among them for specific purposes. The library can be selected according to your analytical purpose. The reliability of the analysis results is improved by comparing data obtained from different methods.

2. Unique algorithm that allows for results not influenced by analytical conditions

Reliable search results can be obtained even from data with different analytical conditions and changes in separation columns by the patented search algorithm.

3. More polymers stored in libraries

Compared to the previous version, 315 polymers, pyrolyzates for 165 polymers obtained using wax-based separation column, and 96 more additives including vulcanization accelerators for rubber have been newly added.

4. Rich feature set
▪F-Search (Ver.3.7) allows you to quickly search different types of data such as pyrograms and EGA data. It can also accommodate various GC/MS data formats for your convenience.
▪F-Search displays TIC and EIC on a single screen, and also allows you to subtract surrounding peaks from the targeted peak to obtain a high quality mass spectrum
▪Overlay of multiple TICs.
▪Subtract a mass spectrum from a TIC. For example, background subtraction to improve data quality.
▪Search NIST library directly from within F-Search (Ver. 3.7).

F-Search 30 days trial [30MB, limited function edition]
The trial version can be downloaded from the member site.
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OS environment:
Windows 11, 10, 8.1 (64bit and 32bit)
Minimum hard disk space : 250MB

GC/MS requirements:

GC/MS systems from major manufacturers can be used. MS data of Agilent (MassHunter, ChemStation), Shimadzu Corporation, and JEOL (AutoMass, GCMate, K9, Q1500) can be directly read into the system, while MS data of Thermo Fisher, PerkinElmer, Bruker Daltonics, and LECO need to be converted to the AIA format before reading into the software.