Technical Info

Conferences & Exhibitions

Pittsburgh Conference 2010

Feb. 28 – Mar. 5, 2010, Orlando, Florida, USA

  1. A Rapid and Simple Thermal Desorption-GC/MS Method for the Determination of Phthalates in Plastic Children’s Toys
  2. The Direct Determination of Residual Bisphenol A Using Thermal Desorption (TD) – GC/MS
  3. A Novel On-line UV Irradiator for Evaluating the Photo, Thermal and Oxidative Degradation of Polymers
  4. Using Polymer Based MS Libraries to Characterize an Unknown Polymeric Material: case study – What additives and polymer(s) are present in a children’s toy duck

China 15th Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis

Oct. 23 – 25, 2009, Beijing, China

  1. Development of UV/pyrolysis-GC/MS System Incorporated with On-line Micro-UV Irradiation for Rapid Evaluation of Photo and Oxidative Degradation of Representative Polymers under Appropriate Heating
  2. The Development of A New MS Pyrolyzates Library for The Identification of Polymeric Materials

International Oil Shale Symposium

Jun. 7 – 9, 2009, Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Rapid Characterisation and Investigation of Oil Shales by Thermal Desorption Pyrolysis GC/MS Using Multi-Functional Pyrolyzer

Pittsburgh Conference 2009

Mar. 8 – 13, 2009, Chicago, USA

  1. Improvement of an On-line Ultra Violet Radiation (UV/Py-GC/MS) System and Its Ppplication for Photo Fries Rearrangement
  2. The Development of a New MS Pyrolyzates Library for the Identification of Polymeric Materials
  3. Using Reactive Pyrolysis-GC/MS to Characterize the Fatty Acids in Algae Prior to the Conversion to Biofuels

7th International Symposium on Weatherability

Oct. 23 – 24, 2008, Yokohama, Japan

  1. Development of an On-line Micro-ultra Violet Radiation Pyrolysis-GC/MS (UV/Py-GC/MS) System Useful for Rapid and Sensitive Weathering Test of Materials
  2. Confirmation of Photo Fries Rearrangement of Phenyl Salicylates Using an Innovative On-line Ultra Violet Radiation/Pyrolysis-GC/MS System

18th international Symposium on Analytcal and Applied Pyrolysis

May 18-23, 2008, Lanzarote, Canary Island, Spain

  1. Development of On-line Ultra Violet Radiation Pyrolysis-GC/MS (UV/Py-GC/MS) System using Multi-functional Pyrolyzer
  2. Rapid determination of trace organophosphonates used as ionic surfactants in an aqueous system by reactive pyrolysis – GC/MS
  3. Validation of the TD-GC/MS method for the determination of decabromo diphenylether (DeBDE) in polymeric materials
  4. Development of an additive mass spectral library for the qualitative analysis in polymeric materials by pyrolysis-GC/MS
  5. Quantitative analysis of a cross-linking agent in polycarbonate using reactive pyrolysis – GC/MS