Multi-Functional Splitless Sampler (MFS-2015E)


This device allows "F-Splitless Pyrolysis", "backflush", and improved separation

The splitless pyrolysis greatly improves the detection sensitivity of pyrolyzates. The backflush shortens analysis time and reduces system contamination. This is a peripheral accessory exclusively used with the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D) (patented in Japan).

  • Features

  • Specifications

1. F-Splitless Pyrolysis: High-sensitivity detection of trace pyrolyzates and solvent venting

2. Backflush: Shortens analysis time by blocking high-boiling compounds from flowing into separation column

3. Peak separation improvement: Improved peak separation by selecting an appropriate pre-column

Required pyrolyzer
Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D)

Analysis method
Flash pyrolysis (Single-shot analysis) only

Supported columns
Deactivated metal column (Ultra ALLOY®) and FS capillary column, i.d. 0.25 and 0.32 mm

Accessories which can be used with the MFS
Auto-Shot Sampler (AS-2020E, AS-1020E)
MicroJet Cryo-Trap (MJT-2030E, MJT-1035E, MJT-1030Ex)

Power requirement
100 - 240 VAC, 40 VA

Required GC or GC/MS
Agilent Technologies : MSD 5977 series, 5975 series, GC 8890, 7890
Shimadzu : QP-2020 NX, GC-2030*
Thermo Fisher Scientific : ISQ series, TRACE1600 series, TRACE1300 series
(Each of the above instrument requires the ability to close the split vent and septum purge at the same time for Splitless Pyrolysis. Please contact us for more information.)

*A sample injection unit for Shimadzu GC is required to perform splitless pyrolysis using this product in combination with our Auto-Shot Sampler. Please contact us for further information and details.