Eco-Cup G series

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Sample cup made of clear Pyrex glass

Eco-Cup G series disposable sample cups are used with Frontier Laboratories’ Pyrolyzers. Because G series sample cups are made of clear Pyrex glass, the sample position, sample color change, residues, and contamination can easily be observed.

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Eco-Cup G

  • It is economical, at about half the cost of deactivated stainless steel cups.
  • Because of its inertness, it can be used for the analysis of reactive compounds such as brominated flame retardants.
  • Maximum use temperature is 450 ºC which is ideal for both thermal desorption and reactive pyrolysis applications.

Eco-Cup GQ

  • Its quartz surface is the ultimate inert surface.
  • Maximum use temperature is 600 ºC. It can be used for flash pyrolysis.

Eco-Cup G (PY1-EC50G)
Glass, 50 µL, a package of 100 ea, for thermal desorption and reactive pyrolysis (max use temp.: 450 ºC)

Eco-Cup GQ (PY1-EC50GQ)

Glass coated with a bonded quartz layer, 50 µL, a package of 30 ea, for thermal desorption, reactive pyrolysis and flash pyrolysis (max use temp.: 600 ºC)