Sampling Tool Kit

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Convenient tool kits for collecting samples of various shapes

Various tools useful for sampling solid and liquid samples for pyrolysis GC/MS analysis are included in these kits.
By selecting the right tool depending on the shape and form of the sample, the sample can be easily collected in the sample cup.

*The picture is "Sampling Tool Kit 01".

  • Features

  • Specifications

1. Right tool for your sample
A variety of tools help select the right tool for a sample in any form.

2. Good data reproducibility

Tools allow you to collect samples in small sizes for good reproducibility of analytical data.


[Sampling tool kit 01 (P/N: PY1-K101)]

Micro puncher 125 (5 ea), cutter knife (2 ea), scissors (1 ea), precision scissors (1 ea), tweezers (3 ea), cutting mat L (2 ea)

[Sampling tool kit 02 (P/N: PY1-K102)]

Sampling needle (3 ea), Micro Sample Collector (1 ea), Double-ended spatula (1 ea), Micro-puncher 050 (3 ea), Micro-puncher 075 (3 ea), Micro-puncher 125 (3 ea), File for capillary tube (1 ea), Cutter knife (1 ea), Scissors (1 ea), Precision scissors (1 ea), Tweezers (2 ea), Round tip tweezers ( 1 ea), Cutting mat L (1 ea), Eco-stand AL (2 ea), Sample cup stand 10 (1 ea)

* Please refer to the catalog for detailed specifications