Magic Chemisorber PEG (MC-PEG)

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A highly polar solid-phase extraction device useful for analyzing trace organic compounds in aqueous and gaseous media, and also headspace analysis of solid and liquid samples.

Magic Chemisorber PEG is a solid-phase extraction device in which a thickness of 30 µm og polyethylene glycol (PEG) is bonded to the outer wall of a deactivated stainless steel tube. This is an innovative solid-phase extraction device that has high selectivity for polar compounds such as alcohols and carboxyl groups, because PEG having a strong polarity is used as a stationary phase. In extraction analysis, the device is immersed in a sample (gas/liquid) or placed in the headspace of a solid sample. After that, the extracted compounds are thermally desorbed using a pyrolyzer, etc. and then GC analysis is conducted.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • High selectivity toward polar compounds
  • Quick and simple sample pretreatment at low cost
  • Automatically cleaned during GC analysis, so it can be used immediately for the next run
  • Repeatedly usable
  • Fit to sample tubes for thermal desorption devices from various manufacturers
  • Available in two sizes for your specific needs

【Examples of Technical Notes】
Solid phase extraction using new Polar Magic Chemisorber
: Flavor components in red wine (MCA-011E
: Flavor components in soy sauce (MCA-012E
: Flavor Components in sake (Japanese rice wine) (MCA-017E) 

MC-PEG-S : L=10.0 mm, od. 2.0 mm, id. 1.4 mm, df. 30 µm
MC-PEG-L : L=12.5 mm, od. 3.2 mm, id. 1.9 mm, df. 30 µm

Stationary phase:
Polyethylene glycol

Main material (core):

Deactivated stainless steel

Max use temperature:

250 ºC (He)