Magic Chemisorber PDMS

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Solid Phase Extraction device useful for analyzing trace amounts of organics in air or aqueous solutions and for headspace analysis of solids or solutions.

Magic Chemisorber PDMS is a solid phase extraction device in which a film of 500 or 100 µm of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) is chemically bonded to the outer surface of a titanium tube that has been deactivated in the same way as the Ultra ALLOY® capillary column. These are immersed in a liquid or gaseous sample, and the target components are extracted while standing or stirring. After that, the pyrolyzer is used to thermally desorb the extracted components which are then analyzed by GC.

  • Features

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  • Sample preparation can be done quickly, easily and at low cost.
  • The extraction device is automatically cleaned during GC analysis, so it can be used immediately for the next analysis (high-boiling components that cannot be thermally desorbed can be easily cleaned by immersion in a solvent such as methylene chloride).
  • Three types of Magic Chemisorber® PDMS are available depending on the application.

【Examples of Technical Notes】
Component analysis using “Magic Chemisorber”
: Flavor components in cream cheese (MCA-006E
: Natural grapefruit juice (MCA-009E

Stationary phase:
Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)

Material (core):


Length (film thickness):

6 mm (500 µm), 34.5 mm (500 µm), and 30.0 mm (100 µm)

Maximum use temperature:

280 ºC (300 ºC for programmed heating)