Vent-free GC/MS Adapter

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GC/MS interface that allows quick column exchange without venting MS to the atmosphere

Vent-free GC/MS Adapter is a simple and useful interface used for GC/MS analysis, and allows switching of a GC separation columns while the MS detector is in operation by connecting a highly deactivated capillary tube (id 0.15 mm, length 50 cm or 70 cm) between the separation column and the MS detector.
Changing columns takes only a few minutes. The Vent-free GC/MS Adapter is especially useful when a Py-GC/MS separation column and a capillary tube for evolved gas analysis (EGA) are switched between analysis using a Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • It allows fast switching of a separation column and/or an EGA tube without venting the MS detector which saves time and increases productivity.
  • When the Vent-free GC/MS Adapter is not in use, attach a plug at the end of the VF tube. This will greatly save the consumption of the carrier gas.
  • The VF tube is rugged and inert and will not absorb polar species when in use.
  • Vent-free GC/MS Adapter is easily installed by users.

Deactivated stainless steel (VF restrictor tube N)

Maximum use temperature:

400 ºC (P/N: MS402290 is 320 ºC)

Supported GC/MS (quadrupole MS from major manufacturers):

Agilent (5977, 5975, 5973)
Shimadzu Corp. (QP-2020NX, QP-2010 series, QP-5050)
JEOL (JMS-Q1500GC, K9, etc.)
Thermo Fisher (DSQ, ISQ series): TRACE 1600/1610/1300/1310 GC, TRACE Ultra, Focus GC
PerkinElmer (Clarus series)

Supported columns:
Ultra ALLOY® metal column (0.15/0.25 mm i.d.), fused silica column (0.2/0.25/0.32 mm i.d.)