Micro Thermal Desorption Sampler

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Volatiles captured by absorbent in sorbent tube fitted to a Pyrolyzer are directly analyzed online.

This sampler is used when volatile components can be adsorbed and concentrated on a sorbent. The sorbent tube is attached to the sampler which is subsequently fitted to Frontier’s Multi-Functional Pyrolyzer. The sorbent tube is heated which releases the compounds adsorbed on the sorbent surface. The addition of TD capability to the pyrolyzer dramatically extends the range of compounds and matrices amenable to analysis by the Multi-Functional Pyrolyzer.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • Volatile organic compounds adsorbed on Tenax, activated carbon or other sorbents can be concentrated and analyzed using Multi-Functional Pyrolyzer.
  • Trace level vapors emanating from a solid sample can be identified by concentrating the vapors on a suitable sorbent prior to analysis.
  • Desorption temperature profile of the furnace can be optimized for any analyte/sorbent combination.

Required pyrolyzer:
EGA/PY-3030D, PY-3030S

Thermal desorption tube (Pyrex):

i.d. 2 mm, o.d. 4 mm

Sorbent tube length:

85 mm

Sorbent bed length (max):

30 mm (volume 130 µL)