On-line Micro Reaction Sampler

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Reaction of sample and reagent under supercritical conditions and online analysis of reaction products

On-line Micro Reaction Sampler allows the sample and reaction gases or reagents in a sealed glass capsule to react in pyrolyzer furnace under subcritical or supercritical conditions.

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Reactions under high pressure and high temperature in a closed system
Polyamides that are hard to analyze by normal reactive pyrolysis GC or PyGC can be analyzed by organic alkali derivatization under high pressures and high temperatures.

Online GC analysis of reaction products.

After reaction in a sealed glass capsule, the products can be analyzed online directly by introducing them to a GC separation column without working up the reaction mixture.

High pressure reactions using a small amount of sample and reagent.

Only a few milligrams of sample and reagent are required for the On-line Micro Reaction Sampler; therefore, it is safe to handle.

【Examples of Technical Note】
・ Analysis of fatty acids in a cooking oil using an On-line micro Reaction Sampler (PYA2-030E
・ Analysis of nylon-6,6 by reactive pyrolysis at high temperatures and high pressures using Online micro Reaction Sampler (PYA2-032E

Required pyrolyzer:
EGA/PY-3030D, PY-3030S


Stainless steel (micro reaction sampler), Pyrex glass (glass capsule)

Size (glass capsule):

Length 25-34 mm, inner diameter 2.0 mm, outer diameter 2.5 mm

Highest furnace set temperature:

400 ºC

Reagent volume that can be added:

10 µL