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Low cost, disposable sample cups specially made for phthalates analysis.

The RoHS-Cup LN is a single-use disposable sample cup specially designed for the analysis of phthalates.
Running costs are reduced by low cost and volume discount.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • Same size as the conventional Eco-Cup LF for easy sampling.
  • Significant price reduction by half the price of the conventional Eco-Cup LF.
  • Volume discounts available.

【Examples of Technical Note】
Analysis of phthalates with IEC standard method using non-deactivated stainless steel sample cups (PYA1-094E


  • 100 ea (1 bottle with 100 ea)
  • Stainless steel, no deactivation treatment
  • Maximum use temperature 700 ºC
  • Capacity 80 μL, Outer diameter 4 mm, height 8 mm
  • Supported models: Frontier Labs Pyrolyzer, Auto-Shot Sampler

RoHS-Cup LN - V5 PY1-EC80N-V5

  • 500 ea (5 bottles with 100 ea)

RoHS-Cup LN - V10 PY1-EC80N-V10

  • 1000 ea (10 bottles with 100 ea)