Selective Sampler (SS-2010E)


With this optional device installed any temperature zone in the thermogram can be sampled, allowing for EGA Heart-cut analysis of polymeric materials.

Heart-cutting desired peaks:
Any set of peaks in an evolved gas curve can be heart-cut. The components can then be introduced into a capillary column for a specific analysis, allowing significant reduction of time required for analysis.

New Flow Switching System:
An inlet adaptor with a flow path switching system utilizing pressure difference of carrier gas has been employed.
The flow path is made of deactivated Ultra ALLOY® capillary tube having no dead volume or cold spots.

Simple Construction with Easy Installation:
The installation is simple and easy. Just attach a selective sampler adaptor (SS adapter) to the split/splitless inlet.

  • Features

  • Specifications

1. Heart-cutting desired peaks:
Any desired temperature zone in the evolved gas curve (thermogram) can be heart-cut, greatly saving analysis time by introducing only the desired zone into a capillary separation column for analysis.

2. Flow path configuration without dead volume and cold spots:

The device employs a GC injector adapter equipped with a flow path switching mechanism that uses the pressure difference of the carrier gas. Because a deactivated Ultra ALLOY® capillary tube is used as the flow path material, there is no dead volume or cold spot.

3. Automatic or manual flow path switching:

Flow path switching timing can be programmed on the control software of the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer and of a micro-Reactor. Manual switching is also available.

Max operating temperature:
420 ºC (inlet SS adapter)

Purge gas control range:
Column head pressure up to 450 kPa (at 600 kPa purge gas supply pressure)


160 (W) x 322 (D) x 100 (H) mm

Required power:
100 - 240 VAC (40 VA)

Compatible GC:

Agilent 8890/8860/7890/7820GC, SCION GC456, Shimadzu GC 2030/2010/17A,
Thermo TRACE1600/1610/1300/1310GC