High Pressure Flow Controller (HP-3050FC)

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An option specifically designed for micro-Reactor series that enables gas phase catalytic reactions under high pressures up to 3.5 MPa.

The high-pressure Flow Controller (HP-3050FC) is an optional device for Tandem and Single micro-reactors (Rx-3050TR, Rx-3050SR).

  • Features

  • Specifications

1. The new flow control system allows online GC analysis of catalytic reaction products under pressures up to 3.5 MPa.

2. By employing a deactivated restrictor tube and Open split interface, peak retention times are independent of the reaction pressure.

3. Your GC, separation column and detector can be used without modifications.

1. Pressure control range:
0.5 - 3.5 MPa, Column head pressure: 10 - 300 kPa (Constant pressure control is used with each GC’s column pressure controller. Max pressure depends on each GC model.)

2. Flow control range:
10 - 200 mL/min

3. Column head pressure display:

Digital display

4. Usable gas:

Helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc.

5. Others
Power requirement:

100/120 VAC or 200/240 VAC (30 W)
224 (W) x 260 (D) x 160 (H) mm, 6.2 kg

1. Tandem or Single micro-Reactor GC/MS system (with split/splitless injector)
2. Column nut for GC inlet to be used
3. Ferrule (bore diameter 0.5 mm)
4. Dewar bottle (for liquid nitrogen) or MicroJet Cryo-Trap (MJT-1035E)