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Stainless steel sample cup without absorption of polar compounds, and free from catalyst impurities

The use of Eco-Cup provides excellent between-cup reproducibility of pyrograms. Although stainless steel is used, all Eco-Cups have been treated with the same deactivation process as the metal capillary column Ultra ALLOY®, there is no absorption of polar compounds or catalytic activities.

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1. Excellent reproducibility of pyrograms can be obtained using Eco-Cups.
Since the variation in weight between sample cups is less than 1 %, the reproducibility of polystyrene pyrograms can be within 3 % even if the sample cup is changed at every run.

2. Analysis with no contamination from the previous run.
With reduced sample cup price and for improved reproducibility of pyrograms between cups, new cups should be used for each analysis. By using a new sample cup for each run, analysis with no previous analysis history can be performed.

Stainless steel (highly deactivated surface, coated with high purity fused silica)


PY1-EC50F (id. 3.8 mm, od. 4.0 mm, height 5 mm), PY1-EC80F (id. 3.8 mm, od. 4.0 mm, height 8 mm)

Maximum use temperature:

1050 °C