Selective Sampler

Attaching Thermal Insulation Cup for Agilent GC

P/N: SS1-1001

SS Adapter for Agilent

For Agilent7890/6890

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-1011

SS Adapter Packing for Agilent,
Thermo 1600/1610/1300/1310GC

For SS adapter (SS1-1001 and SS1-3101)

Qty: 10

P/N: SS1-1012

Thermal Insulation Cup for Agilent

For SS adapter (SS1-1001)

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-1013

Thermal Insulation Cup Securing Nut
(for Agilent & Thermo GCs)

Fixing nut of thermal insulation cup for SS adapter

(SS1-1001 and SS1-3001)

Qty: 1

Attaching Thermal Insulation Cup for Shimadzu GC

P/N: SS1-2001

SS Adapter for Shimadzu GC-17A/2010/2030

SS adapter for Shimadzu GC-17A/2010/2030,

includes parge line capillary tube (1.75 m, 0.25 mm i.d.)

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-2011

SS Adapter Packing for Shimadzu

For SS Adapter (SS1-2001)

Qty: 10

P/N: SS1-2012

Thermal Insulation Cup for Shimadzu

For SS adapter (SS1-2001),

includes 2 securing screws

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-7201

Column Nut

For Shimadzu GC

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-7215

Graphite Ferrule 0.5

Graphite ferrule for Shimadzu GC

Qty: 10

Thermal Insulation Cup for Thermo GC

P/N: SS1-3012

Thermal Insulation Cup for TRACE GC Ultra

For Thermo TRACE GC Ultra

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-3022

Thermal Insulation Cup for FOCUS GC

For Thermo FOCUS GC

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-3001

SS Adapter for TRACE GC Ultra/FOCUS GC


includes purge line capillary tube (1.75 m, 0.25 mm i.d.)

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-3101

SS Adapter for TRACE 1600/1610/1300/1310 GC

For Thermo TRACE 1600/1610/1300/1310 GC,

includes purge line capillary tube (1.75 m, 0.25 mm i.d.)

Qty: 1

Purge Line

P/N: SS1-7205

1/8 Cap Nut Set

Brass nut,

back ferrule,

1/8 inch o.d.

Qty: 5

P/N: SS1-4210

Purge Line Kit

For SS-1010E, purge line kit

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-4211

Purge Line Capillary Tube

Purge line capillary tube, 1.75 m

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-2025


For liquid sampler

Qty: 20

P/N: PY1-2028

Inlet/Outlet Septum

For connecting tubes,

with hole

Qty: 20



EGA Capillary Tube

For Evolved gas analysis,

2.5 m, 0.15 mm i.d.

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-3337

Glass Insert

Deactivated glass insert

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-7101

Double Head Wrench

Wrench 12 – 14 mm

Qty: 1

P/N: SS1-4020

SS Valve Control Cable

SS-1010E valve control cable for PY-2020D/iD/S/iS

Qty: 1

P/N: UAP-7001

File for Ultra ALLOY Capillary Tube

File for cutting capillary tubes

Qty: 1

P/N: UAP-7002

Ceramic Cutter

W 40 x H 25 mm,

thickness 1 mm

Qty: 5

P/N: SS1-4300

Plumbing Kit

includes 1 ea of copper Tube 3 m,

1/8 tee union and 1/8 cap nut

Qty: 1