Micro-UV Irradiator

UV light source lamp (UV-1047Xe)

P/N: UV1-7105

Xenon Arc Lamp

Contains Hg

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-7106

Xenon Arc Lamp

Contains no Hg

Qty: 1

Parts for UV sampler (UV-1047Xe)

P/N: UV1-3801

UV Sampler

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-7012

UV Fiber Xe

For UV-1047Xe,

SMA connector and quartz protect tube ends.,

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-3802

UV Sampler Stand

Stand for UV sampler

Qty: 1

UV Tube Kit (UV-1047Xe)

P/N: UV1-K101

Air Tube Set

Includes each 1 of 1/8″ copper tube (3 m),

1/8″ union,


back ferrule and front ferrule

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-K104

Extension Tube Set

Includes each 2 of 1/16″ stainless steel tube(1.5 m) and union sets for carrier gas connection

Qty: 1

Others (UV-1047Xe)


Eco-Cup UV

Flow through type,

1 mm i.d. hole at both sides,

4 mm o.d. x H 8 mm,

80 μL

Qty: 20

P/N: UV1-7201

Dewar 350

Liquid nitrogen container, 350 mL

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-7501

Dewar Holder

Holder to prevent the liquid nitrogen

container fall

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-4201

UV Sampler Adjusting Tool

P/N: PY1-7802

Communication Cable


D-sub 9 pins,



Qty: 1

Multi-Sample UV Irradiator (UV-1048E) parts

P/N: UV1-7015

UV Fiber bundle

UV Fiber bundle

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-7016

Fiber bundle connector

Fiber bundle connector

Qty: 1

P/N: UV1-7017

Sample Holder 18

Sample Holder

Qty: 1