Auto-Shot Sampler

Parts for Auto-Shot Sampler

P/N: AS1-1554

Sample Cup Tray Cover Securing Screw

Sample Cup Tray Cover Securing Screw

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-1517

Sample Cup Tray N

Sample cup tray N, shiny metallic surface

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-1516

Sample Cup Carrousel N

Sample cup carrousel N

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-1553

Sample Cup Tray Cover

Sample cup tray cover

(require a securing screw AS1-1554)

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-1215

Sample Cup Tray Securing Screw

For sample cup tray N (AS1-1517)and sample cup carrousel N (AS1-1516)

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-7813

Sample Cup Recovery Container

Sample Cup Recovery Container

Qty: 2

P/N: AS1-1525

Sample Cup Recovery Chute (AS Teflon sheet)

Sample cup recovery

chute equipped with AS

Teflon sheet

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-3551

Heat Sink Adapter Kit 3030SA

Agilent 7890/6890,

Shimadzu GC-2010/17A

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-3552

Heat Sink Adapter Kit 3030PE

PerkinElmer Auto

system/Clarus GC

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-3555

Heat Sink Adapter Kit 3030T

Thermo Fisher


Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-3533

Interface Union ASN

Interface Union Assey for

use with Auto-Shot

Sampler AS-1020E

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-3563

ITF Cover 3030A

Interface cover for

EGA/PY-3030D, PY-3030S,

Rx-3050TR, Rx-3050SR,

includes set screw(3 ea)

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-4111

Valve Control Cable

Gas reservoir valve

control cable,

DC24V 3 poles, 2 m

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-7001

AC Power Cable 100 V for UL standard

AC Power Cable 100-120 V for UL standard

includes noise filter 09 1 ea

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-7032

AC Power Cable 200VF for KC standard

AC Power Cable 200-240 V, 10 A/AC 250 V, 2 m,

for KC standard

includes noise filter 13 (1 ea)

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-7802

Communication Cable

RS-232C, D-sub 9 pins,

female, reverse

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-K030

AS-1020E Tool Kit

Tool Kit for AS-1020E,

includes each 1 pcs of 12-14 mm wrench,

6 mm wrench and tweezers

Qty: 1

P/N: PY1-7911

Graphite Vespel Ferrule

6 mm hole i.d.,

for interface

Qty: 5

P/N: AS1-K040

Tubing Kit

Tubing Kit for AS-1020E,

includes each 1 pcs of 1/8″ cupper tube 1.5 m and 3 m,

1/8″ union (no ferrule),

1/8″ TEE union

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-1531

Sample Cup Inspector

Sample cup inspection jig

Qty: 1

Sample Cup

P/N: PY1-EC80F

Eco-Cup LF

4 mm o.d. x H 8 mm ,

80 μL, made of stainless


Qty: 100

P/N: PY1-3711

Eco-Cup Stand 10

For Eco-Cup LF and

Eco-Cup G/GQ,

for 10cups

Qty: 1

AS-1020E Installation Kit

P/N: AS1-K680

AS-1020E Installation Kit for Agilent 6890

Supporting rod with a fixing screw(1 set), AS securing bracket (with screws, 1 ea)

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-K780

AS-1020E Installation Kit 780

For Agilent 7890, used for mounting AS-1020E on the rear injection port. AS Support attachment 1 (1 ea), AS support attachment 2 (1 ea), Support attachment 2 fixing screw (1 ea) and M3x6 screws (2 ea)

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-K201

AS-1020E Installation Kit for Shimadzu GC-17A/2010

Supporting plate with screws (1 set), Main frame fixing screw (1 ea) and Hexagon mounting post for the main frame (1 ea)

P/N: AS1-K902

AS-1020E Mounting Kit N for TRACE GC Ultra

Supporting rod with a fixing screw, nut and washers (1 set), AS securing bracket (with screws, 1 ea) and Long stand (80 mm, 2 ea)

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-K380

AS-1020E Installation Kit for SCION GC

AS-1020E Installation Kit for Varian GC3800/Bruker SCION 430/436/450/456-GC includes each 1 pcs of securing plate,

washer and fixing screw. Stand base(PY1-1702) is required.

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-K904

AS-1020E Mounting Kit N for TRACE GC 1300/1310

Supporting rod for Thermo TRACE GC 1300/1310 with a screw (1 set), AS securing bracket (with screws, 1 ea) and Extension stand (40 mm ,1 ea)

Qty: 1

P/N: AS1-K784

AS-1020E Sideways Installation Kit for Agilent 7890

AS cover for sideway installation (1 ea),

AS mounting plate (1 ea),

AS supporting rod (1 ea),

AS supporting plate set (1 ea)

and Stand (60 mm, 1 ea)