Auto-Shot Sampler (AS-2020E)


A powerful tool for continuous polymer analysis with great cost savings and high reliability. Designed for the Multi-functional Pyrolyzers.

The Auto-Shot sampler automates a continuous analysis of up to 48 samples. Operations can be made continuously or randomly using various analysis modes such as Single-shot analysis, Double-shot analysis, Evolved gas analysis, and Heart-cut EGA analysis. In addition, the system operation combined with optional accessories such as MicroJet Cryo-trap, Selective Sampler, and Carrier Gas Selector can be automated, further saving labor and improving reliability.

The new AS-2020E has an improved sample cup recovery rate. In addition, parts can be easily replaced for easier maintenance, and a more compact body makes it easier to handle.

*The previous model AS-1020E was discontinued as of March 31, 2023.

  • Features

  • Specifications

1. Great Cost Savings by Reduction of Workload
▪Continuous Operation for up to 48 samples
Assuming the average time to obtain a pyrogram is one hour, analysis of 48 samples will require a whole week. The same results can be obtained in two days if the Auto-Shot sampler is used. Further, the operator can work on other tasks simultaneously.
▪Sample can be analyzed by any of the four analytical methods.

2. High Reliability of Analytical Results
▪Eliminates variations owning to operators.
▪Minimizes variations due to unexpected factors such as sampling errors.

3. Significant improvements over previous models
▪Compared with the previous model (AS-1020E), the sample cup recovery rate has greatly improved.
▪Improved maintainability makes it easier to replace damaged seal parts etc.
▪Furthermore, the new body is more compact and easier to handle.

【Mechanism】 * Move to the Vimeo site by clicking the following link.
・ Operating mechanism of Auto-Shot Sampler (Video

Multi-shot pyrolyzer (EGA/PY-3030D), etc.

Number of sample cups:
48 max

Analysis mode:

Single-shot, Double-shot, EGA, Heart-cut EGA


160 (W) x 157 (D) x 276 (H) mm (protrusions excluded)

Required power:

100 - 240 VAC (60VA max)