Polymer Coated Cup G

Use of Polymer Coated Cup G prevents volatilization of low boiling point compounds, useful when using Auto-Shot Sampler.

Polymer Coated Cup G is a pyrex glass sample cup whose inner wall has been coated with PVC thin film. When sampling a phthalate solution, the PVC thin film on the inner wall helps retain volatile phthalates such as DMP and DEP. The PVC thin film inhibits evaporation of low boiling compounds. It is particularly useful for analysis using Auto-Shot Sampler with which a long standing time is required. This product is disposable and intended for single use only.

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • Auto-Shot Sampler can be used in analysis of low boiling phthalates using thermal desorption GC/MS.
  • Simply add phthalates standard solution and ready to use.

50 µL

PVC film thickness:

approx. 2.4 μm (approx. 120 μg)


Pyrex glass (sample cup), PVC (coated film)

Max use temperature:

450 ºC


Plasticizers in PVC removed by Soxhlet extraction