Vent-free GC/MS Adapter

GC/MS interface that allows quick column exchange without venting MS to the atmosphere

Vent-free GC/MS Adapter is a simple and useful interface used for GC/MS analysis, and allows switching of a GC separation columns while the MS detector is in operation by connecting a highly deactivated capillary tube (id 0.15 mm, length 50 cm or 70 cm) between the separation column and the MS detector.
Changing columns takes only a few minutes. The Vent-free GC/MS Adapter is especially useful when a Py-GC/MS separation column and a capillary tube for evolved gas analysis (EGA) are switched between analysis using a Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer.

  • Features

  • Specifications

1. It allows fast switching of a separation column and/or an EGA tube without venting the MS detector which saves time and increases productivity.

2. When the GC/MS is not in use, attach a plug at the end of the VF holder. This will greatly save the consumption of the carrier gas.

3. The VF tube is rugged and inert and will not absorb polar species when in use.

4. Vent-free GC/MS Adapter is easily installed by users.

Deactivated stainless steel (VF restrictor tube N)

Maximum use temperature:

400 ºC (P/N: MS402290 is 320 ºC)

Supported GC/MS (quadrupole MS from major manufacturers):

Agilent (5977, 5975, 5973)
Shimadzu Corp. (QP-2020NX, QP-2010 series, QP-5050)
JEOL (JMS-Q1500GC, K9, etc.)
Thermo Fisher (DSQ, ISQ series): TRACE 1600/1610/1300/1310 GC, TRACE Ultra, Focus GC
PerkinElmer (Clarus series)

Supported columns:

Ultra ALLOY® metal column (0.15/0.25 mm i.d.), fused silica column (0.2/0.25/0.32 mm i.d.)