Selective Sampler (SS-1010E)

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With this optional device installed any temperature zone in the thermogram can be sampled, allowing for EGA Heart-cut analysis of polymeric materials.

This product introduces the gases released from any temperature zone in the evolved gas curve (thermogram) obtained by a Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer or thermogravimetric analyzer (TG) into the separation column.
The Selective Sampler's flow path switching mechanism uses the pressure difference between the purge gas and the carrier gas without using a valve. It has a flow path configuration with no dead volume and no cold spots has been employed without contamination or adsorption of polar compounds (Patented technology).

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1. Heart-cutting desired peaks:
Any desired temperature zone in the evolved gas curve (thermogram) can be heart-cut, greatly saving analysis time by introducing only the desired zone into a capillary separation column for analysis.

2. Flow path configuration without dead volume and cold spots:

The device employs a GC injector adapter equipped with a flow path switching mechanism that uses the pressure difference of the carrier gas. Because a deactivated Ultra ALLOY® capillary tube is used as the flow path material, there is no dead volume or cold spot.

3. Automatic or manual flow path switching:

Flow path switching timing can be programmed on the control software of the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer and of a micro-Reactor. Manual switching is also available.

Max operating temperature:
420 ºC (inlet SS adapter)

Purge gas control range:

450 kPa of GC injector pressure (purge gas source pressure: 600 kPa)


160 (W) x 280 (D) x 100 (H) mm


2.9 kg (Flow control unit)

Required power:

100 VAC (5 W max)