Ultra ALLOY® Metal Capillary Columns

Ultra ALLOY® Metal Capillary Columns

Ultra ALLOY® metal capillary columns were first introduced in 1991. The columns are characterized by their inertness, high temperature stability and mechanical durability.



・The stainless steel surface of the column is completely deactivated using a seven-layer process referred to as Ultra ALLOY®. The final layer is populated by silanol groups and is very similar to that of fused silica. It is designed to be used for a wide range of polysiloxane stationary phases.


High temperature stability

・Ultra ALLOY® columns are available with a number of stationary phases including polydimethylsiloxane and polyphenyl-methylsiloxane. The Frontier stationary phase polymers bonded to the Ultra ALLOY® surface resist oxidation at elevated temperatures and can be rinsed with a number of common organic solvents.



・Ultra ALLOY® columns are constructed of high quality stainless steel. They are mechanically durable and compatible with both metal and graphite vespel ferrules. Using a metal column with a metal ferrule virtually eliminates leaks, even when the column is cycled over an extended temperature range. For more information on this topic, please contact us.


Ultra ALLOY® Metal Capillary Column

Ultra ALLOY® Metal Capillary Separation Column

uamcolumnA deactivated stainless steel tube. The inner surface is covered by the multi-layer structure for inertness. It has a high resistance to contamination and temperature stability.
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Ultra ALLOY® Deactivated Metal Capillary Tube

uamdeacolumnThis is used for evolved gas analysis (EGA) and interface. The inner surface of the tube is coated for inertness.
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Metal Capillary Tube (Uncoated)

untitled0.05 – 1.2 mm inner diameter size of uncoated metal capillary tubes.
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NEW UA Guard Column Set Ph

UAguardcolumnThis guard column set is designed to connect to the Frontier labs UA-PBDE column for phthalates analysis.
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