Product Update

Library search software F-Search updated to Ver.3

F-Search, powerful library search software, has been updated from Ver. 2 to Ver. 3, and has become even more powerful analytical tool.


This version-up includes:


1. Multiple libraries can be used simultaneously.
2. NIST library can be accessed from within the software.
3. Two dimensional multi-ion chromatogram display.
4. Pyrolyzates library newly added.

The latest version is Ver. 3.4. Upgrade available from older versions.


Specifications revision of heat-sink adapter

For the improved ease of handling and durability, the specifications of the heat-sink adapter used in 3030 series pyrolyzers (EGA/PY-3030D and PY-3030S) have been revised. There is no change in part number and price. Revisions have been made in these two areas below:


1.The size of the screws that secure the heat-sink adaptor to the pyrolyzer has been changed from M3 to M4. In line with this, the hex wrench size has been changed from 1.5 to 2 mm.


2.The number of screw holes is now four, and normally two of them are used, other two are for backup. Repeated attaching and detaching of the heat sink adapter can damage the screw holes. When these are damaged, use other holes. Replace the heat-sink adapter with a new one when all four screw holes are damaged.


The revision is applied to shipments starting September 25, 2012. There is no modification of the heat-sink adapters (P/N: PY1-3570, PY1-3571, PY1-3575, PY1-3576) for 2020 series pyrolyzers (PY-2020iD and PY-2020S).


Click here (pdf) for details.