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【SS】Which model of GC can I install the Selective Sampler to?
Please see this compatibility table.
【SS】When the pyrolyzer is idle, can I conduct a GC analysis with the SS Selective Sampler installed?
There will be no problem if it is used in the split mode. With the SS adaptor attached, several mL/min of carrier gas are purging the flow path; therefore, the adapter must be removed from the bottom of the injector when performing splitless injection.
【SS】When the Selective Sampler is not in use, what should I do with it?
Turn the power of the Selective Sampler’s controller “on”. Turn the Sampling switch to the “ON” position. This will direct the sample introduced from the GC injection port to the separation column.
【SS】What is the reproducibility when conducting zone analysis of evolved gases (hear-cut EGA) using the Pyrolyzer and Selective Sampler?
Technical Note PYA1-070 describes the determination of a surfactant in mineral oil. The analytical system uses the Selective Sampler. The Relative standard deviation (RSD) of the peak areas was less than 5 % (n=5). Generally, the Selective Sampler will not degrade the basic performance of the GC, because it is based on Dean flow switching. When analyzing a temperature zone, the reproducibility will vary depending on the target components and thermal desorption conditions.
【SS】We would like to pyrolyze samples in air continuously in an automated fashion.
The Carrier Gas Selector and Micro-Jet Cryo-Trap are required. Also using the Selective Sampler together can shorten the air purge time before the GC analysis starts. For detailed procedure for the pyrolysis of samples in air, refer to technical note PYT-024E (Procedure for acquiring pyrograms in air and its automation).