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【MJT】Which model of GC can I install the MicroJet Cryo-Trap to?
Please see this compatibility table.
【MJT】Can I use the Micro-Jet Cryo-Trap as a stand-alone re-concentrator?
Yes, the MJT-1035E can be used in a stand-alone configuration – no Pyrolyzer is needed. In this case, the Cryo-trap is manually operated; however, it can be automated using control devices and or software from a third party.
【MJT】How much liquid nitrogen does it consume?
It consumes 20 mL/min when it cools to -190ºC and 15 mL/min in operating at -150ºC. The standard Dewar containing 2 litters of liquid nitrogen lasts for about an hour.
【MJT】What type of container do you recommend for liquid nitrogen?
A 2 litter Dewar is provided. Commercially available 10 or 30 litter liquid nitrogen Dewar can be used, but it will be necessary to replace the heat exchanger to accommodate the larger Dewar. Call your local distributor for details or contact us.
【MJT】What is the rate of nitrogen gas consumption?
When it is cooling to -190ºC (butane can be trapped), 7 L/min of nitrogen is consumed. When cooling at -150ºC (hexane can be trapped), 5 L/min is consumed.
【MJT】When it is not used, is it all right to leave the thermal exchange coil immersed in liquid nitrogen?
Even when it is not in use, it consumes limited amount of liquid nitrogen. When it is not in use for a short period of time, there is no problem to leave the thermal exchange coil immersed in liquid nitrogen; however, be sure to leave the nitrogen supply and the Cryo-trap stopcocks open so that nitrogen gas can flow. Failure to do so can clog the thermal exchange coil by frozen moisture in air.
When it is not used for a long period of time, take the thermal exchange coil out of the liquid nitrogen.