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【FS】Can libraries compiled by Frontier Lab be searched with data generated on a GC/MS of any manufacturer?
The F-Search (PY-1110E) software is totally independent from the GC/MS analysis software offered by GC/MS manufacturers. F-Search is compatible with NetCDF MS data format used by all GC/MS systems manufactured by Agilent (MassHunter and ChemStation), JEOL (Q1500, Auto MASS, and K9), and Shimadzu. For NetCDF (AIA) conversion software, contact the manufacturer of your GC/MS.
【FS】What is the minimum configuration requirement for the PC?
A PC running either Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP of 64/32 bit operating system for all languages.

See this page for details

【FS】Is there a trial version available?
30 day trial version of F-Search version 3.4 is available and can be downloaded from our website.
【FS】Can I use libraries of old versions with the latest search software?
Yes, when the new search software starts up, libraries of old versions will be automatically converted to ones with newer format.
【FS】How can I check the version number of the library that I am using?
The version number of library can be found in the filename of the library that starts with “MS”. The numeric and character follow “MS”. The larger number indicates a newer version. Character “B” is newer than “A”. The filename can be displayed by selecting from menu bar: “Library” – “Select Library for Search”.
【FS】I am using F-Search version 2.0 (PY-1082E or PY-1086E). Can I use Pyrolyzate-MS library?
No. To use the library, you need to purchase the latest version of F-Search software.
【FS】I am using F-Search version 1.0 (PY-1081E). Can I use additive library (ADD-MS library)?
No. To use the library, you need to purchase the latest version of F-Search software.
【FS】Can I buy just the MS Library software?
Yes. The MS Library of F-Search System consists of Polymer EGA, Pyrograms, Pyrolyzates and Additives Libraries. Each is sold separately. These libraries require search software (PY-1111E).
【FS】Can I upgrade my F-Search to the latest version?
Yes, if you have a version 3.0 or later, you can upgrade it to the latest version.
【FS】If I upgrade my search software, can I use the libraries I currently use?
Yes, you can.
【FS】How can I upgrade search software (version 3.0 or later) or libraries?
1. Make sure that you have finished user registration.
There are two ways to register your software. Check to see if you have completed registration by either of them. If you are not sure of your registration, contact your sales representative with the product number and serial number*a in hand.
(1) The license agreement has been signed, and sent back (or faxed) to Frontier Laboratories.
(2) A password has been obtained.
2. Contact your sales representative with the serial number in hand.
*a: Recorded in the license agreement and on the CD-ROM that come with the product.
*b: Recorded in a sheet of paper bundled with CD-ROM and operation manual.