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【AS】Which models of GC are compatible with the Auto-Shot Sampler?
Please see this compatibility table.
【AS】Can a user easily remove and or install the Sampler on a Pyrolyzer?
Yes, you can install and uninstall the Sampler easily, No adjustment is needed.
【AS】Can I use the Sampler with a PY-2010D?
No, you cannot use it with the model.
【AS】Can I use the Sampler with a PY-2020D/S?
No, you cannot use it with the model.
【AS】Does the Sampler come with control software?
No, however, the control software for the Auto-Shot Sampler is included in the control software of the Pyrolyzer.
【AS】When a sample cup is dropped into the pyrolysis furnace or when the sample cup is retrieved, won’t the sample spill from the sample cup?
The amount of sample placed in a sample cup is normally less than 1mg; therefore the likelihood of spilling the sample is very low. If a large amount of sample is loaded in the cup, there is a possibility of spilling the sample. The volume of sample should be less than 50% of the cup capacity. Further, use some clean quartz wool to cover the sample. In Double-Shot analysis or EGA heart-cup analysis, because the sample cup moves up and down, we recommend that the sample should always be covered by quartz wool regardless of the amount of sample being analyzed.
【AS】What type of sample cups can be used?
Three types of sample cups can be used:
1. Deactivated stainless steel cup: Eco-Cup LF (80 µL). Use only undistorted cups which have been inspected by Sample cup inspector (included in the package).
2. Glass cup: Eco-Cup G (50 µL). Use only with the Cup chute with Teflon sheet.
3. Quartz coated glass cup; Eco-Cup GQ (50 µL). Use only with the Cup chute with Teflon sheet.
【AS】What are the precautions that need to be taken when loading sample into a sample cup.
The volume of sample should be less than 50% of the cup capacity. If a large amount of residues is expected, cover the sample with quartz wool. In Double-Shot and EGA heart-cut analyses, cover the sample with some quartz wool since the sample cup is moving up and down several times.
【AS】How much sample can I put in a sample cup?
The volume of sample may be up to 50% of the cup capacity. If a large amount of residues is expected, cover the sample with quartz wool.
【AS】Can I re-analyze a sample that has already been analyzed and recovered?
All recovered sample cups are collected in a single glass vial; thus, they lose their identity.
【AS】Is there any carry over contamination?
If the pyrolyzer is mounted correctly and functioning properly, there is no contamination from previously analyzed samples; however, the too much sample is put into the cup or if the samples consist of very fine (almost dust-like) particles, they can contaminate the tube in which the cup moves upon injection.. This can be prevented d by placing a quartz wool plug in the cup before analysis.
【AS】In the sequence table, when it comes to a position where there is no sample cup loaded, will the sequence be terminated at that position?
It will proceed without interruption, but there will be a blank run at this point in the sequence. The row is highlighted by yellow background in the sequence table.
【AS】If the Auto-Shot Sampler is removed from the Pyrolyzer, can I still use the pyrolyzer?
Yes, but leave the gas purge valve open.
【AS】Can the GC carrier gas be split and serve as the sample cup recovery gas?
Yes. When the carrier gas is shared with other analytical instruments, the gas used during sample cup recovery may affect other instruments. This is because the flow of carrier gas to the other instruments will momentarily change. For example, there could be a change in the baseline due to a momentary change in the FID make-up gas flow.
【AS】How much gas is consumed during the sample cup recovery?
About 1 litter of gas per every cup recovery is consumed.
【AS】Can nitrogen be used for recovering the sample cup?
Yes, but only if the carrier gas is nitrogen. Use the same gas as carrier gas.
【AS】What daily maintenance is required when using the auto-shot sampler?
Regular cleaning of the sample cup tray and sample cup passage is recommended. The cleaning frequency will be a function of the samples being analyzed. Routine monitoring of system function and inertness is recommended.
【AS】Can I use the Magic Chemisorber?
Yes, but you can only use the Magic Chemisorber S500. It is important to guard against contamination by atmosphere gas while samples stand by on the Auto-Shot Sampler’s tray.